A group of children in Ecuador are striving to maintain and improve their home, and their lives. We've partnered with One Heart Global to help. Want to know what you can do?

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Cultivating Harmony & Sustainability together

our values

At CommonGoods Network we believe in sharing knowledge, abilities, & resources, lowering barriers for doing good work, creating a culture of collaboration & contribution, open communication & constructive feedback, autonomy & accountability.

We support community transformation by funding good people doing good work.

networks of trust

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, abilities, and physical resources.

sharing resources

It's our mission to engender a harmonious and sustainable world. Together, we can.

sustaining Harmony

Our funding model

We work with people and communities who align with our mission and values.

Generosity to Creativity

By providing matching grants to community-led projects, we see more people offer financial support knowing their donation will be worth double. How do you like to offer support?

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Collaborative Funding

We believe the world needs models for collaboration and co-creation. There are tons of great projects in the world to support. Learn how do we do our part to create abundance for community-led projects.

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