Cultivating Harmony & Sustainability together

our values

At CommonGoods Network we believe in sharing knowledge, abilities, & resources, lowering barriers for doing good work, creating a culture of collaboration & contribution, open communication & constructive feedback, autonomy & accountability.

We support community transformation by funding good people doing good work.

networks of trust

We facilitate the sharing of knowledge, abilities, and physical resources.

sharing resources

It's our mission to engender a harmonious and sustainable world. Together, we can.

sustaining Harmony

What We Do

We work with people and communities whose dreams and plans are aligned with our mission and values to co-create a better world.

Creative Support

a garden work party at Urbe Apie community garden

By collaborating with community project leaders to meet their goals, we facilitate access to volunteer support, collaborative events, in-kind donations, community fundraising, and fiscally-sponsored grant funding.

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Abundant Generosity

a movement liberation dance workshop for BIPOC with everyone bringing hands together

We believe the world needs models for collaboration and co-creation. There are tons of great projects in the world to support. Learn how we can help you participate in creating a world of abundance and generosity.

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