Our Mission

To foster networks of trust and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, abilities, and physical resources to transform communities and engender a sustainable and harmonious world.

Our efforts are rooted in a dream of a world that works for all.

Where every person has
FREEDOM to do what they love,
ACCESS to meet their basic needs, &
ACCOUNTABILITY to people and the planet

What’s possible when the 1% and the 99% come together to collaborate?
What happens when every person shows up for something they believe in?
What if we amplify the voices of everyday people in addressing everyday challenges?

At CommonGoods, we ask large donors, foundations, and philanthropists, to support work that inspires real people, penny-for-penny, ​on behalf of real people.​ A simple concept that we believe could have profound impacts. For our matching grant recipients, every dollar you give to support the cause you care about ​is matched by funders​ who want to amplify your voice in creating a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Because we trust each other to build the best world possible.
We invite you to join us.

Intrigued by the question of what’s possible when everybody gives a small portion of their financial resources towards a common good, we did some math. We are both humbled and compelled by what the calculations reveal.

If members of the 99% each contributed 0.1% of their income and these donations were doubled by the wealthy, together we would generate at least $14 billion that everyday people could direct towards causes that matter to them.

[These calculations are based on data for income and wealth distribution within the U.S. in 2017, and excludes individuals whose income places them below 200% of the federal poverty line (approx $27,000).]

What do you dream is possible when everybody gives?

CommonGoods Network operates from the belief that everyone can be a philanthropist and contribute to the well-being of the communities we each call home. We are inspired by our observation that when we each show up in the ways we can, we can accomplish a lot together.  

We choose to trust in the power of individuals to collaboratively shape their communities in ways that reflect their values and wisdom. We are working to lower the barriers towards self determination by democratizing philanthropy -- giving the 99% a meaningful say in how the nation’s wealth is directed.

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Tell us about you!

We are always interested in how we could better live up to our mission and goals. If you have ideas or feedback for us, or would like to share about your projects with us, reach out any time!