Holistic Healing & Community Service in Ecuador

Luiza Guzman and her family have been working to improve their community in Ecuador for years. In 2019, they received a grant from CommonGoods Network to continue their work. Luiza holds a holistic vision: a vibrant permaculture garden full of fresh produce and medicinal herbs native to the Andes, a family business that prepares and sells the garden-grown food and healing herbs, a therapeutic community space that provides a safe space for local women suffering from domestic violence, a storefront where women from the community can sell their artisan crafts and gain greater economic independence.

In order to ensure economic sustainability, they have chosen to work towards this vision gradually  This allows the combination of family responsibilities and community work. While the construction of the building has encountered some unfortunate delays due to tragic events, Luiza and her family have been steadily making progress laying the agricultural groundwork for the project. Luiza has also continued her studies in medicinal herbs and therapeutic practices so she can share this knowledge in service to her community. And throughout it all, they continue to fight for clean water sources and native seeds, and to defend the rights of women and those of the community,. 

“The donation we have received from CommonGoods, has allowed us to purchase many different items to slowly move this project forward, mainly in machinery, stone material, sand and in Luiza’s studies of Technology in Andean Medicine.” (translated from Spanish)

We are so glad to have been able to support Luiza and her family’s pursuits in 2019, and look forward to continuing the relationship. If you are interested in supporting this family’s inspiring project, please donate and let us know!