Growing Intuitive Children with Love and Care

Casa Hogar Para Todos is an orphanage caring for children in Azogues, Ecuador with a team devoted to their well-being and growth. We have partnered with One Heart Global to help support the stability of these children by organizing a fundraiser to cover urgent needs.

group photo of children and care-givers at Casa Hogar in Ecuador

Together, we can do small things with a lot of love.

Eighteen sweet children have lost their parents, their stability, their homes... but Casa Hogar Para Todos is just that: a Home for all of them to connect, learn, grow, and thrive. The team and volunteers at Casa Hogar orphanage in Azogues, Ecuador are inspired and dedicated to these children.

Now you are being called to help.

Casa Hogar Para Todos logo is purple with an animated house with children leaping
several children and their main teacher at the orphanage

We connected with this group through Abby Gooch, founder of One Heart Global. She visited the orphanage in March and taught the children the first course of her Intuitive Success Coaching program. She dreams of continuing to work with them and help them build the holistic center they are dreaming of as an improvement to their current home.

Their current building will be inspected between June 14-19, and they must pass in order to keep this community together. Their aim is to pass with a high enough evaluation that they will be able to stay in this space without threat of eviction from the government for at least 2 years.

One Heart Global and CommonGoods Network have partnered to raise donations for this urgent need.

Will you join us in our heart-felt love for these kids and their loving care-givers and teachers?

With your donations, volunteers will be able to gather the supplies they need to improve these children's current home so that they can stay stable there until their future improved center will be built.

Abby from One Heart Global and a young girl at Casa Hogar in Ecuador
two little girls at the orphanage smiling and giving thumbs up

Abby invites you to tune into your heart, and ask-- will you donate today to help these children continue to grow and thrive?

If you prefer to donate directly through One Heart Global's website, you can go here.

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Learn more about the Intuitive Success Coaching these children started with Abby Gooch.

Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity!

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